Natasha Miller, a senior at Central High School in Corinth skipped her graduation ceremony after she was told she couldn't wear a cap she decorated to remember a classmate who died of cancer.

School administrators told seniors they couldn't decorate their caps. But Natasha wanted to remember her friend, Sam Alexander, who lost his battle with cancer four years ago.

So instead of going to the graduation ceremony Sunday, Natasha took her diploma and left the school.

She said, "I wish I would have been able to march with my class, but I would much rather have what I did. What I did was the right thing. I felt in my heart, so I just decided to take my cap and leave."

The superintendent stands by her decision to not have kids decorate their caps. She says that Sam was remembered with photos in the yearbook and at a ceremony earlier in the year.

Personally, what  is the big deal if they want to decorate their cap? And for God's sake, to honor a classmate who died of cancer? I think this is ridiculous. But I may be the only one that thinks that...

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