In the mind of most people, the curriculum in high schools across the state of Maine hasn't changed much over the years. If you show you're capable in math, science, and history, the rest should take care of itself on your path to graduation.

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But according to Maine State Senator Mattie Daughtry of Cumberland, times have changed for young people, and it's beyond time for Maine high schools to update their curriculum with one brand-new requirement before acquiring a high school diploma.

That new requirement? Personal finance. Sen. Daughtry believes Maine should join other states in requiring high school students to show proficiency and understand in personal debt, bill control, interest rates, loan requirements, and more.

Personal finance has become a hot button issue across the country as younger people struggle with the perils of personal debt accrued from credit cards, car payments, and school loans. That debt balance has left many without a chance to purchase a home as they move further into adulthood.

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The bill proposed by Sen. Daughtry would make personal finance a standalone requirement to graduate high school. Classes would be taught that give students a close examination into the pros and cons of carrying debt, and how much it can affect further life decisions like home buying, marriage, and starting a family.

While so many issues seem to be hyper-partisan, personal finance being taught in high schools doesn't seem to be one of them. Public Policy Polling released data showing 83% of registered Maine voters support making personal finance a requirement in high school.

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If the bill were passed, Maine would become the 20th state in the nation to require personal finance for high school graduation.


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