Hands down, the Maine Turnpike is one of the coolest roads to drive, period. Nevermind in just Maine, nevermind in New England as a whole, we're talking overall. First off, unless it's the summer weekend rush to the beach, there's rarely much traffic on it. Secondly, you can't beat a highway that has a 70 mph speed limit (except the 75 and 80 mph roads found on midwest highways). It's a near-perfect road to cruise up and down, except for one reason.

State Police Officers.

Maine State Police Cruiser
Maine State Police

But don't get it twisted, we're not talking just about the fact that every now and then you'll find stretches of the Turnpike where State Police is hanging out in the median just waiting to nail a sucker testing their luck going 90 mph. Obviously, the fact they're there is a damper, but there's an even more annoying issue that comes up that seems to force a reminder needed to Mainers.


Time and time again, cars literally doing the speed limit of 70 mph will be cruising up or down the Turnpike and as soon as they notice a State Police Vehicle either way off to the right of the highway or hanging out in the median in those splits in the guardrails separating the north and southbound sides, it's brake lights galore. For zero reason.

Consider this a cheat code for you since we care about you -- odds are if a State Police officer is hanging out on the side of the road and they witness you go from cruising to slowing down at the drop of a dime, even if you're going the speed limit, they're going to assume you're guilty of something. That reeks of guilty conscience.

Confused young man

You literally do nothing wrong by going the posted 70 mph speed limit as you pass a police officer. They're cool, they'll let you happily drive up or down the Turnpike doing the speed limit without pulling you over. Promise.

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