2021 is a big year for the Maine State Police as they celebrate 100 years of service to the people of the Pine Tree State. To commemorate a century of protecting and serving Maine, they have revisited their past and brought it back to today in some unique ways.

It started with nine special edition marked cruisers, one for each of Maine's troops stationed throughout the state, that are colored black and sport the same logo found on police cruisers in the 1930's.

On Tuesday, The Maine State Police announced another 100th Anniversary tribute to the their past by offering replicas of the first badges ever issued. Instead of the current shield shaped badge, officers can choose to wear the replica sunburst badge that copies the original in nearly perfect detail as seen in the photos below.

The replica badges are optional and Troopers who choose to wear them must pay for them out of their own pocket, but there's no doubt many will choose to go retro.

You may also notice that State Police Cruisers are adorned with special 100th anniversary license plates which are colored orange and black, looking as plates did in 1921. At that time though, there were no police cruisers. Troopers patrolled Maine using either Harley Davidson or Indian motorcycles. It wasn't until 1935 that cruisers were added to patrols.

It makes you wonder though. The motorcycles were probably just fine in the summer weather, but what did Troopers do in the dead of winter? How times have changed!

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