Marijuana will be for sale on October 9th in Maine, which is a cold hard fact. According to News Center Maine, as of today, the state of Maine started issuing licenses for businesses and smoke shops to be able to sell Marijuana as a retail product as of that October date.

“Maine will have the unique distinction of being the only state to launch its adult-use marijuana program during a pandemic,” OMP Director Erik Gundersen said in a press release. “Public health and safety are themes that have been part of the Office of Marijuana Policy’s mission statement since day one. Accordingly, our highest priority remains the wellbeing of this new industry’s employees and consumers.”

Now I, for one, am excited that people who partake in such things will have the chance to do so in a freer manner and more enlightened way, and there will be more quality control over the product. Here’s another thing I don’t understand about the new law, the people that have marijuana-based offenses in the state of Maine will those people a lot be allowed to have their records expunged? Will they be allowed to open stores and sell the said product? After the smoke clears, these are the question we need answers for.

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