US News & World Report has ranked all 50 states on 75 different metrics to come up with the best states in the country. Maine falls in the middle, but has some low and high spots when you look deeper.

The overall ranking take into account each state's health care, education, economy, opportunity, infrastructure, crime & corrections, fiscal stability and quality of life. Maine's overall ranking based on the combination of these metrics is 22nd in the country, just about in the middle of the pack.

When you look at each metric individually, you can see where Maine failed and did well.

The worst metric was infrastructure where Maine came in 43rd in the nation. Maine lags behind most of the country with the condition of roads and bridges, public transportation, power grids, and broadband access.

The best metric is crime and corrections where Maine ranked first. It's not surprising that the crime rate in Maine is significantly lower than the rest of the nation and our corrections system is one of the best as well.

Here's how we ranked for each individual metric:

Health Care 22nd
Education 19th
Economy 37th
Opportunity 26th
Infrastructure 43rd
Crime & Corrections 1st
Fiscal Stability 29
Quality of Life 12th

If you'd like to do a deep dive and see how these results were calculated, check out the article from US News & World Report.


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