NOTE: Neither of the women featured in the photos in this article/message is who this is about. But, ya know, it's usually pretty frowned upon in society to randomly take pictures of strangers.

Especially women. That's just next-level creepy. But anyway.

To the woman I saw in a parking garage in Portland today,

I was slowly cruising up one of the many levels of this particular parking garage looking for a spot (and trying to avoid the -- as my Dad would say, "stupid dumbs" -- that bomb down the levels of the parking garage fast enough to tattoo their license plate into my truck body) when I noticed you. via Unsplash via Unsplash

Let me just stop right here real quick, because I feel like that last sentence gives off creepy vibes. I didn't notice you because I was checking you out (not that you aren't a beautiful woman because you are), and it wasn't even the fact you started off walking right in the middle of the parking garage level.

What I noticed was just the absolute confidence you seemed to have in yourself with every stride you took. You reeked of powerful business woman that just completely owns her career, life, and easily upstages the business-looking man you were walking next to (no offense, dude.)

But I noticed something else, too. Which is ironic because I'm the furthest thing from a fashionista (hi, I wear cargo shorts in the summer. And before you roll your eyes and talk smack in the comments, ya boy has THINGS to carry -- a phone, an EpiPen, keys -- I NEED ALL THE POCKETS.)

But anyway, I digress. I'll just say this bluntly.

For whatever reason, society seems to drive home the fact that when women reach a certain age, their fashion sense and style has to change. Gone are the updated fashion trends the younger version of yourself used to rock with confidence and comfort(ish), and instead they've been replaced with flowers, leopard print and moo-moo's.


All to, as society will tell you, "dress your age."

But not you, queen. You (much like I like to think I'd be in your shoes) are strictly all, "F. THAT."

Because I noticed your confident "don't mess with me, I'll eat you alive" stride in the same knee-high boots you'd see a woman in her 20s or 30s wearing during a girls' night out in the Old Port.

And I'm not going to sit here and be dumb enough to be the stereotypical idiot guy that tries to guess your age. Hell, I'm taking risk enough writing this message as a man to a woman. I see that and I own it.

But I also believe in the fact that people deserve proper hype when it's warranted. And it's warranted with you, so here we are.

I see you. (Not in the creepy "I see you" stalker way like on the Netflix show You, but in the "I see you quietly being an absolute badass that's silently inspiring others to chuck a middle finger or two up to society and what they think everyone should do and how they should behave.)

And you're a legend. That is all.

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