Since the wrapping of Netflix's smash reality dating hit, Love is Blind, the cast has been making the media rounds. Yesterday they landed on Ellen.

Ellen has a recurring bit where she plays the high school favorite 'Never Have I Ever'. The basic concept when playing is to pick a topic that's funny or embarrassing or revealing and see who has and has not experienced whatever it is.

Right out of the gate Ellen tackles a hot topic from the show: sharing toothbrushes. Lauren, who married Cameron took a hard stance on the issue on the show saying that she thought sharing toothbrushes was absolutely disgusting. Turns out, she was the only one on Ellen who had never shared a toothbrush. (For the record, I haven't either. Ew.)

TheEllenShow via YouTube
TheEllenShow via YouTube

The questions got juicier from there. Looks like our buddy Cam has given a lap dance and had sex in public! I suppose after having your love life binge-watched on Netflix, what else do you really have to lose sharing juicy details?

See the whole segment below and see how much you have in common with the Love is Blind cast.

If you haven't seen Love is Blind on Netflix I highly recommend it. It's absolutely terrible trash TV and I truly can't wait for another season.

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