Today, May 1st begins Phase 1 of reopening the Maine economy. Mainers are required to wear masks/face coverings while out in public in an effort to fight coronavirus.

There are a few exceptions as outlined by the Pen Bay Pilot.

Those who are not required to wear a mask are:

-Under the age of 2
-Children in child care
-Those with breathing or medical issues that make it difficult to wear facial coverings
-Those without the ability to remove a mask without assistance

So, while the majority of people should be wearing a mask, there are a few things to remember when you encounter someone who is not wearing a mask. The Clinton, Maine Police Department addressed these things in a recent Facebook post.

If you are a business owner you can require patrons to wear face coverings, but you may not ask a patron about medical issues. As a patron, you are not required to show any proof that you are unable to wear a covering.

The department is also asking people to not bother them with reports of people not wearing masks saying repeatedly that they are not "the mask police". If the individual is committing a crime while not wearing a mask, then by all means call 'em up!

So what do you think of the new face covering requirement? Let us know via the app!

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