What was your favorite?

The Super Bowl is always way more exciting when your team is in it. But it's not a total loss if they aren't. I mean, as New England Patriot fans, we're pretty used to watching and winning that ring. As you might recall, we've done it a half dozen times.

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Panthers v Patriots
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But things change, people leave you and then retire...but there are always the three other main components of the Super Bowl:


overhead view of four different flavored chicken wings with beer
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During the Super Bowl, all food is calorie-free, right? It's pretty much a free for all. There are only a few celebrations that require the cheesiest, most fried bad-for-you foods on the planet and the Super Bowl is one of them.


Commercials aren't just commercials - they are mini-movies. At $7 million for 30 seconds, you better have a damn good movie. The breakdown of which ones you liked and which ones fell flat is THE talk the next day...or week.


2019 BET Awards - Show
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Rihanna was announced as the halftime entertainment for Super Bowl LVII (57) a couple of months ago and speculation has been wild about just what she will bring. But for the past 30 years, halftime shows have become just as important as the game. Hell, more important if YOUR team isn't playing.

What Super Bowl Had Your Favorite Halftime Show?

That question was asked of the Q Morning Show and afternoon show host Jadd Namanni from Q97.9 radio. Jeff Peterson from WGME 13 and Fox 23 invited us to chat about past shows that we loved.

So, this begs the question...what was YOUR favorite Super Bowl halftime show?

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