Last night the school vaccination measure to allow parents to opt-out was shot down as part of the Super Tuesday referendum.

Me not being from Maine and ignorant to the politics, I am puzzled as to why this was an issue?

I know that I saw signs all over Portland that said "Vote No on 1," which meant that the option to opt-out would be off the table.

Why would you not want to vaccinate your children? What happens to the parents who still refuse? Do they have to homeschool now? Even now that the law is the law, how will we ensure compliance without causing a dispute? Do parents that do not believe in vaccination feel that their children are more or less susceptible to illness?

I ask these questions not as a judger, but more so as someone who is coming to a new community and is trying to understand the things that matter here.

In the comment section below, please clarify this and other things to come so that I can fully understand what life in Maine is all about.

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