A recent survey on Thrillist found every state's uniquely favorite condiment (we all love ketchup mustard and mayo, but how is everyone special?)

Hidden Valley Ranch, adored by southern states, took five states. Weirdly, so did Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (is that even a condiment?)

If you're like the rest of the state, you'll scream, "MARSHMALLOW FLUFF!!" and you'd be right. According to Thrillist, Maine loves its sweet sticky white stuff (phrasing...) and I guess I'm not a true Mainer until I've tried it! I've certainly heard of the famous Fluffernutter and surprisingly, have yet to taste the crazy concoction.

Homemade Fluffernutter Marshmallow Peanut Butter Sandwich
Getty Images

We had a listener call in to say her favorite way to enjoy Fluff is via home-made fudge or straight up dipping cinnamon sugar graham crackers. Jeff claims his favorite vehicle for Maine's favorite condiment is a spoon.

As an aside... is fluff even considered a condiment? I would think it's more of an ingredient or dessert than a condiment. Ever had a hotdog with fluff on top?

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