Erik's Church, located in Windham teamed up with KMAN LLC for a drive-in concert to raise funds for the businesses in the Sebago Plaza.

The evening began with local artist Isaiah Bennett and followed by American Ride.

Erik's Church allowed for food orders, however, alcohol was not permitted for the event.

Despite the forethought to encourage social distancing while having a fun event, the event was shut down.

This morning Erik's Church went into detail about what went wrong as well as frustrations regarding the timing of the shut-down. Eriks Church noted multiple media outlets highlighting the event, one of which written by our stations, and yet the state made no effort to contact Erik's Church regarding the event. Essentially, the issue wasn't social distancing and they didn't break any liquor laws. The issue was that the parking lot was considered to be part of the restaruant's premises and thus in violation of on-premises dining.

I would be curious to find out what specifically counts as as premesis dining. For example, if one were to order takeout and then choose to eat that takeout in the car in the parking lot, would that be a violation? Or if an individual at this event ordered food and their car was parked on the opposite end of the shared plaza lot? I think there are some fine details that need to be hashed out. Hopefully this doesn't discourage Erik's Church or other establishments from hosting similar events. Lord knows we could use a little fun and entertainment these days!

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