The Needham

If you were to ask for a Needham in Texas they might look at you funny. The Needham is iconic to Maine and perhaps only second in sweet treat popularity to the Whoopie Pie.

Coconut-filled chocolates are not uncommon, but what makes the Needham unique is that the filling is mixed with potato.


And if that gives you pause, consider this, the Needham has been around and loved since the 1870s. More recently potatoes have been used to make donuts at the popular Maine donut spot, The Holy Donut.

Needham History

The Needham was named after a famous New England preacher by the name of George C. Needham according to the New England Historical Society. Mr. Needham had a horrific childhood that sounds almost too awful to be true. New England Historical Society states that at just 10 years old while aboard a ship bound for South America. On this voyage, the captain and crew beat, tortured and tattooed him before abandoning him to starve in Patagonia.

If that weren't terrible enough he then encountered cannibals who only stopped short of consuming him because of the markings on his body.

He eventually found his way to safety and as an adult found much success as a preacher.

It is said that the Needham treat originated in Auburn, Maine. One of the cooks at the shop run by a man by the name of John Seavey passed around his coconut creme creation to the rest of the kitchen and Seavey to rave reviews. It was Seavey who decided to name it after the preacher.

Robins Confections Biddeford Facebook
Robins Confections Biddeford Facebook

Maine Needham Company

The Needham has grown and expanded over the years and locals and tourists keep wanting more. The Maine Needham Company offers a variety of options from the original to Maine Maple, Blueberry, and more.

Needham Beer

Just released from Flight Deck Brewing Company in Brunswick Maine is an imperial stout called Get There From Here. A nod to the prase as iconic as the Needham candy. The Needham Imperial Stout is made up of roasted coconut, potato, cacao nibs, and lactose. (You know you need 'em!)

Visit Flight Deck in person or order ahead here.

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