Around here, it can sure get brick out.

I was boggin' up when I read this list.

Where are we pre-funkin' tonight?

If you read these sentences and thought, "this writer is having a stroke," you're probably not from the states of Massachusetts, Delaware, or Washington.

Using survey data from 2000 people proportionally drawn from every U.S. state, the following map lists every popular slang word from each state that is least understood by residents elsewhere.

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"Bazz on" (meaning get drunk) and "Get 'er done" are Maine's, which just means we're a persistent people who like to motivate each other in productivity, right? While, you know, enjoying a nice porch beer.

Quiz yourself on your worldly knowledge of other states' slang words with PlayNJ's online trivia test. Heads up - I've lived in five different states in three different U.S. regions and I had a hard time. Good luck!


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