Another accident has occurred in the Auburn Walmart parking lot and this was a pretty serious one that didn't involve the infamous poles.

The Auburn Walmart parking lot has gained a reputation for lots of accidents over the past several years as drivers collide with poles in the lot, over and over again, like this one early this summer.

Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller

Another accident happened around noon on Monday, October 18 and it had nothing to do with the poles. In fact, it was much worse.

A Facebook post on Lewiston /Auburn Multi County Scanner Info Priority News Uncensored Alerts showed two photos of a car on top of another car in the Auburn Walmart parking lot. According to the description, one female was trapped in a vehicle and there were injures. Fire and Rescue were able to free them. A woman claimed that she lost her brakes, but the post speculates that instead, it was a case of mistaking the gas pedal for the brake.

Keep in mind this is not an official police or fire and rescue report. The page simply shared the photos and what they heard on their police scanner.

By the looks of things, several cars were damaged as well as shopping carts and the entire cart coral has been destroyed. Hopefully, everyone is okay.

This makes you wonder though, what is it with drivers at the Auburn Walmart? Just when things seemed to quiet down a bit with the hits to their poles, this happens.

Some of the comments on the Facebook post are just what you'd expect, like "How?" and "You can't make this s--- up!" The best one though was "30 obnoxious squeaky shopping carts, coming up."

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