If there isn't a name for this, we should come up with one. All that snow that builds up behind your tire in the wheel well may be one of the most annoying things about the snow this winter. 

After shoveling out the few inches of snow we had and clearing off my car, I ran out to the store to pick up a few things while the plow guy cleared the driveway. When I came back out to the car I noticed all the build up behind the tires and kicked it off.

After the less than a mile drive back home it had built up all over again. It seems like a losing battle, but trust me, clear it off every time you get out of the car.

We're going to have overnight temperatures in the single digits to below zero tonight which means all that slushy mess is going to freeze up solid. Solid as a rock. Good luck getting that off tomorrow if it does. Hope you have a blowtorch.

And now ladies and gentlemen....Ashford & Simpson!

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