Ready to never want to go swimming again? This happened in MAINE!

Diver Ed Monat posted this video on Facebook back in 2015, and Bill Trotter from the BDN's "Going Coastal" blog shared it again recently.

Diver Ed describes the video as an "encounter with a shark - one of the big boys... which was really cool!"

It's a great reminder that there actually are sharks in the ocean... which is news to some people!

Monat says on the video that he didn't actually see the shark when he was diving, but only realized it later when he watched the footage from inside his mask housing.

You can clearly see the outline of a REALLY big shark at the 0:33 mark.

Remember, kids... this happened in Frenchman Bay. That's where we go swimming!

Shark Encounter!!Shark Encounter on the Dive-In Theater!

Posted by Diver Ed Monat on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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