For many of us, high speed internet is something we take for granted, and don't think about much. In the places I've lived in Maine and New Hampshire, it's always been readily available, good, and fairly consistent. In fact, in the more populated communities of Northern New England, residents even have multiple choices when it comes to purchasing internet.  But did you know that there are parts of Maine where residents don't have any options for high speed internet at all?

In a recent report, WMTW's Kathleen Jordan takes a look at the struggles some Mainers face when it comes to not having access to high speed internet. She visited Charleston, a town north of Bangor, in Penobscot County, to spend some time with a farmer who's dealing with this issue. I never knew how important internet access could be to a farmer, but you can see in this report that it really is! Check out the full story below.



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