Marty patrolled the Mount Washington Summitt for 12 years and died of an unforseen illness.


According to CBS Boston, Marty roamed the Mount Washignton peak for 12 years. The highest mountain in the northeast. Marty was not only the weathehr observatory's mascot, but loved by anyone who had a chance to meet him. He was a black Maine coon cat and loved that mountain.


The staff is so sad to lose Marty. Past weather observers who lived at the summit said that Marty was a special companion. When you live at the home of the 'world's worst weather' having a cat is a must. That's why the observatory at summit has had a cat at the 6,288-foot peak since 1932. Marty was set to retire in early 2021.

Yes, there will be a new cat and the tradition of having a furry companion at the observatory will continue. Many people are leaving their condolences on Facebook. I mean, Marty even had his own calendar. To the next kitty mascot, you have big paws to fill.




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