Mollie Woodbury, who is a junior at Massabesic High School, says she was kicked out of her zoom class because of a Trump flag, according to News Center Maine.

The news station stated that she had had the flag hanging behind her where she does her work for about a week, and she hadn't had a problem with it until that Zoom math class.

News Center Maine reporter Jackie Mundry (welcome to Southern Maine) reported this story and was trolled on Twitter immediately.


Mollie said she was asked by her teacher to take the flag down, but told her that it was in her bedroom and not offensive so she didn't have to, according to News Center Maine. Then she reportedly got a notification telling her she had been removed from the meeting by the host.

She feels like her right to have her own opinion was taken away, the news station stated, and her mom has other concerns, like missing most of the class and missing a chance to learn.

Mollie was back in the math class Friday, but says that she was basically ignored, the news station reported..

She told News Center Maine:

I just don't really want her to like hate me or have anything against me because of this.

News Center Maine reached out to the RSU 57 superintendent and received this statement:

RSU 57 supports the rights of both students and staff to express their views on matters of public concern. There are; however, times when the District must make content neutral time, place and manner restrictions on speech to ensure the orderly operation of its schools and the educational process. Whereas educators are pretty familiar with what is and is not appropriate in the traditional classroom, we are all still learning the rules in a virtual environment. In this case, staff acted to ensure that permission of such display and others would be appropriate in the online setting. This situation has been discussed and resolved at the local level.



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