In Big 7 Travel's list of America's states ordered by friendliness, Massachusetts ranked among the bottom of the barrel, just above New York, Arkansas, and Delaware.

As the 47th friendliest state, Massachusetts - or specifically Boston, if we're being honest - was described as being friendly enough, but only to their own:

"MA locals aren’t exactly <em>rude, </em>per se, but the overall indifference towards strangers can take its toll. Ignoring people isn’t exactly a trait that will put Massachusetts among the friendliest states in America. It also takes a long time be accepted as true Bostonian, not just a blow-in."

If you were born and raised in Mass, you probably find the state wicked friendly.

But from a tourist's perspective, Minnesota is a far more friendly place to travel through, ranked #1 on the list.

Where does Maine fall? I'm glad you asked. Squarely in the middle - which makes sense.

We don't get as many tourists and therefore aren't as jaded as New Yorkers or Bostonians, and we're super friendly folk. However, we can get our fill of visiting gawkers, and we hold off on dubbing someone a "Mainer" until they've been here for, oh, 2-3 generations?

Hence, our spot at #31:

"Maine’s low-crime rate and general friendliness of locals make it a popular state to move to, and our readers seem to agree. New Englanders are often thought to be reserved, but Mainers are open and warm. You’ll see this as soon as you arrive here."

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