Video surveillance footage and social media have combined to become a powerful tool for law enforcement to find people who have done bad things. Today, if you plan to commit a crime in a public place like a grocery store or department store, expect to see yourself plastered all over Facebook as police ask the public's help in finding you.

For instance, take this Red Sox fan. The Mechanic Falls Police Department wasn't specific about why they are looking for this guy shopping at the Mechanic Falls Hannaford, other than to say they'd like to speak with him "regarding the merchandise."

We can put two and two together knowing they aren't going to question him on his choice of chocolate milk. The however might question him on why he didn't pay for said chocolate milk and other things we can see in his cart.

So if you happen to know who this guy is and how to get a hold of him, the Mechanic Falls Police department could use your help. Give them a call at 207-345-9021.

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