Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox allegedly shut down a Disneyland staple attraction so they could ride it alone, despite the ride having many available vehicles.

A Disneyland guest reported the pair's alleged ride shutdown on a Disneyland Reddit thread about celebrity interactions at the California theme park.

"Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox stopped the line of Haunted Mansion because apparently no one else can ride with them at the same time," user Mittens_MD wrote. "So they had to clear the ride before they entered and wait for them to leave."

On Twitter, another person tweeted about MGK and Megan's reported Haunted Mansion shutdown, claiming guests don't care if a famous person is on an amusement park ride with them.

"There is more than one buggy in the Haunted Mansion. You gonna pay the waiting guests back for the time they wasted because you 'needed to ride alone'?" the user tweeted.

Meanwhile, back on Reddit, other users responded to the sub-thread with comments and observations about how celebrities behave and are treated at the beloved Disney theme park. A few users pointed out that typically, celebrities have a VIP tour guide and/or security with them. They will often use Lightning Lane or a backdoor entrance to gain access to attractions without disturbing normal park operations.

It's unclear when the alleged ride shutdown took place, however, both MGK and the Transformers actress are known regulars at Disneyland.

The "Bloody Valentine" rapper and the actress are hardly the first celebrities to shut down a Disneyland ride.

In 2021, the Kardashians and Travis Barker's family shut down the Indiana Jones Adventures ride so their entire brood could experience it by themselves.

The Kardashians also shut down the Mad Tea Party teacups ride back in April. They were subsequently dragged on TikTok.

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