Okay, this one is exciting. Disney movies are such a pivotal part of so many of our lives growing up, that it's cool to hear fun facts about them when they hit close to home like Bambi.

According to centralmaine.com, in the late 1930's, "Damariscotta native Maurice “Jake” Day recommended that the company send people to the forests of Maine to gather inspiration for the animated film “Bambi.”

How funny is this? Walk Disney actually ordered Jake Day to go back to his home state of Maine to basically collect as much visualization of the beautiful views that he could. This would include photos, paintings, and whatever else would help the film Bambi come to life through the beauty of our state, centralmaine.com said.

More specifically, centalmaine.com reported that Walt wanted him to capture the seasons of Mount Katahdin and Baxter State Park (which he's right, are absolutely beautiful).

Let's not forget the most important character, Bambi. From my own experiences, anywhere I've ever hiked in Maine, you meet a white-tailed deer along the way.

Perfect inspiration. Bambi and Faline were actually drawn up using the aesthetics of white-tails in the Katahdin area.

SO FUN. I knew I loved Maine. Bambi has continued  to be one of my favorite Disney movies, and now knowing all this, it will remain #1 in my Portland household.

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