Kelly McGillis is in a new movie, 'Love Finds You in Sugarcreek'. It's on the Up Network. She reprises her role as an Amish woman, like in 'Witness' with Harrison Ford back in the 80's. 

By the way, Kelly is now 30 years may not even recognize her!

Kelly McGillis 'Love Will Find You in Sugarcreek'

But a lot has changed since the 80's...including Kelly McGillis' sexual orientation. She came out years ago, but Meredith missed that bit of news.

Meredith loves the movie 'Top Gun' (who doesn't) and mentioned the very hot sex scene with Tom Cruise. It got a little quiet in the interview, and I tried to move on...but poor Meredith - well, she wanted to chat about that sex scene. That's when I let Meredith know that Kelly has given up on men. You can hear that around two and a half minutes into our interview....enjoy.

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