"Weddings rings symbolize eternal love and commitment within a relationship, according to Diamonds Factory.

It's a circle, it's never-ending, and its a token of the promise you have made with your partner.

What would you do if you lost that symbol? If one day, just like any other, you looked down at your hand and all of a sudden, the finger that held that ring for so long was suddenly bare?

Personally, I'd flip a table and it's impossible to say how upset I would be. This was the case for a local auburn woman, Patty Eastman, minus the table flipping.

On January 5th, Patty went grocery shopping at Hannaford on Spring St in Auburn and when she arrived home from the store, her ring was no longer on her finger.

"I was devastated. My wedding ring is a symbol that reminds me of all the adventures I've had over the last 24 years."

Patty Eastman

After realizing it was gone, she immediately called Hannaford as well as making a public on Facebook.

Within hours, the post was shared over 500 times. Suffice it to say, the word had been spread. There was nothing else she could do, except pray and wait for a miracle.

Patty was hopeful that her ring would be found or returned but as the days passed, it was harder for her to believe it would come back to he

By January 8th, Patty had, had a few sleepless nights, rivers of tears, and an unbearable pain in her heart.

 The next day she went back to Hannaford at for one last attempt in finding her ring and the workers checked the book. Guess what happened.

Patty Eastman via Facebook
Patty Eastman via Facebook

Someone found her ring in the parking lot. Initially, they told her they knew who it was but quickly took that back and said they didn't. Now, this person wants to be anonymous.

We do not know if this person found it randomly or due to all of the shares online, either way it's a blessing in disguise.

"Now I pray that all good things come
to them tenfold. Whoever they are, they will forever be a hero in my heart. And to the
community, they proved there are more good people than not-so-good people. I will
forever be grateful to everyone who shared my post, reached out, and prayed for me.
The community made a miracle on Spring St. happen for me, so from the bottom of my
heart, Thank you!"

Patty Eastman

Her ring is damaged but having it back means the world to her. She is so thankful for all the support she received.

It's awe-inspiring at how the community really pulled together in an unfortunate situation to support someone they don't even know.

Let us always continue that support for one another.

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