Finding love during a pandemic is incredibly difficult. The "old fashioned" way of meeting people organically say at a bar, a concert, or some other activity is gone, or at the very least limited for now. Heck, even office romances are off the table for those now working from home.

At the very least, grocery stores have been open. Granted, the days of awkwardly bumping into a guy while reaching for the same bundle of bananas are on pause due to social distancing (and yes that scenario is very 'Hallmark' and I'm not sorry). Not to mention you're never really sure what someone's hiding under the mask.

But hey, chemistry is chemistry, right?

Well, the Bunsens were burning in Trader Joe's recently. (Heh...heh...)

(Personally, any dude down for some Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds is already my type.)

Posted to Craigslist Missed Connections was a tale of two beer lovers doing their weekly Trader Joe's shopping on Sunday, December 27th.

The poster describes chatting in the beer section with a man named Jay. He or she was so "flustered" from the chat that they didn't ask for Jay's phone number and regretted it the entire drive home.

Jay - Trader Joe’s (Portland)

Hi! We chatted near the beer section on Sunday 12/27... I was too flustered by chatting with you to ask you for your number. I regretted it the whole ride home. If this is the person I am looking for, tell me what we chatted about.

Maybe we could grab a drink sometime?

So, if you're Jay, please prove love isn't dead in a pandemic! Reach out and let us know how it goes!

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