I found out exactly when the next shipment of the mini totes will be at the only Trader Joe's in Maine.

First, the Stanley Cups were the hot craze for Christmas. You couldn't find them anywhere. Now, it's the Trader Joe's mini canvas tote bag that is only $2.99. That is, if you can find them.


How could such a cute cheap little bag be reselling online for almost 200 times its retail price? Because you can't get your hands on them!

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According to CNN, you can thank TikTok. Millions have been watching videos of the totes and flocking to stores to grab theirs. Even with Trader Joe's stores across the country limiting how many you can buy, they are selling out as soon as they hit the shelves.

Here's how and when to get your Trader Joe's mini tote bag at the only store in Maine.


I went to Portland, Maine – the only Maine city with a Trader Joe's – just to see if that location was just like the rest of the country.

SIDE NOTE: Every single employee at Trader Joe's is SO attractive. 

Anyway, I asked a man about the $2.99 mini canvas Trader Joe's tote bag. He said that they FLY off the shelves as soon as they arrive. But he knew when the next shipment was coming, and advised that we get there early, as they WILL sell out immediately. So mark your calendar for WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27. THE STORE OPENS AT 8 AM. 

Plan accordingly if you NEED one of these tiny totes.

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