When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, safety is key. You just want to get from here to there and enjoy your day without any problems.

But that's not always the case. Accidents happen. Crashes happen.

According to the Maine Department of Transportation, since 2004 there have been an average of about 32,000 crashes each year. These incidents range from minor fender benders to severe accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities. Some even involve hitting a deer or a moose.

The Maine Public Crash Query Tool on the transportation department's website revealed some interesting data over the last 20 years.

Which Month Is the Most Dangerous for Crashes in Maine?

Firstly, three months kept popping up as the top month for crashes. December appeared the most since 2004, taking the No. 1 spot 12 times. January was the top month for crashes five times, and November landed three times with two of those in the last two years, 2023 and 2022.

The slippery conditions caused by snow and ice likely make driving more hazardous, leading to many of those crashes during the winter months.

As for which day the most crashes happen?

Which Day Is the Most Dangerous for Crashes in Maine?

This was by far the most consistent answer: Fridays. Only twice in the last 20 years did a Thursday take the top spot for most crashes on a particular day in 2020 and 2009, but you can bet Friday was a very close second for those years.

It likely has to do with the higher volume of traffic from people driving to and from work as well as people being out and about to prepare for the Friday/weekend activities.

Which Year Has the Most and Least Crashes in Maine?

The most crashes since 2004 were in 2019 with 35,264.

Now, you might have figured there would be the least amount of crashes during one of the pandemic years when everyone seemed to be staying inside and home. 2020 saw 28,771 crashes, which is a drop from the average and the previous year at 35,264, but sadly, 2021 saw the number shoot right back up to 32,675.

The year for the least amount of crashes was actually in 2012 with 28,513. So 2020 was close, but it didn't take the title there.

What Can Drivers in Maine Do to Be More Safe?

So what can you do? If you're driving in Maine, maintain safe speeds, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, stay off your phone, and be alert, especially in those more dangerous times for crashes like December and Fridays.

Hopefully, the more people do those things, the better chance we have to start decreasing the number of crashes each year and especially the number of deaths that could come with it.

Drive safe out there!

The Most Dangerous Month and Day for Crashes in Maine Since 2004

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Gallery Credit: Sean McKenna

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