Mr. Tuna is opening their very own place.

I'm very familiar with Mr. Tuna's food truck. When they were up on the Eastern Prom, I would stop by and get a spicy crunchy shrimp handroll. Delicious. The food truck started in 2017, and then they opened up a place at Monument Square’s Public Market House. They've been there for more than five years, but that's changing next summer.

Mr. Tuna Facebook
Mr. Tuna Facebook

According to the Portland Press Herald, they are moving to a new spot, their very own location on Middle Street. They are going into a new building on Middle Street near the very popular Eventide and the now-closed Hugo's. It's currently under construction.

This is sort of like renting a place for five years and making the big leap to home ownership. The co-owner of Mr. Tuna, Jordan Rubin, told the Portland Press Herald,

The Market House was kind of a platform to get us to where we wanted to be, so we’re kind of billing this as the first real Mr. Tuna restaurant.

That means they will no longer be open in the Market House, but their lease doesn't run out until 2024. They will keep it for kitchen prep for the food truck and catering Mr. Tuna does.

They are in the process of building the place right now. It won't be huge (what place in the Old Port is) but it will be cozy with 25 indoor seats and 25 outside too. They will work in about the same amount of space they have in the Market House, but they get their own kitchen that they don't have to share. It's all theirs. That's gotta be exciting. I know fans of Mr. Tuna are very excited!

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