We’re told over and over the importance of physical activity and getting your body movin’ and groovin’ but it’s still one of those things we continuously put off.

Working out is that one thing on your to-do list you don’t necessarily have to do so it’s easy to cross it off or push it back.

This is especially true for parents of little ones who simply just don’t have the time or don’t know what to do with the kiddos while they workout.


Hence the startup of Baby Booty Workout.

Baby Booty Workout is a new workout program in Portland that offers baby-wearing workouts whether it’s carrying the little one in a carrier or if you’re a pregnant mama working out for two.

Parents that have used the program shared with WMTW that is has helped them both emotionally and physically in significant ways, with one parent sharing how monumental it was for her postpartum depression.

The program starts with a 30-minute workout based on everyday movements of parenthood such as squatting, bending, and lifting, and then transitions into 30 minutes of socializing with babies and parents.

This gives parents an opportunity to share stories and create an uplifting community while the babies get to practice their socializing skills with other little ones.

Bond with your baby and build a community through Baby Booty Workout either in person at Salud Portland or through their online Zoom class!

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