There's an old saying that says, "The Internet never forgets" and that couldn't be more true.

I'll never forget being a 7th grader at Nobleboro Central School and learning that we were all getting laptops! Shout out to then-governor-current-senator, Angus King.

I was especially lucky because my teacher at the time, Ken Williams (who will forever be Mr. Willaims to me) really leaned into the program. So much so that our tiny school got the attention of the George Lucas Foundation. Yes, that George Lucas. Although, admittedly, at the time I couldn't care less about Star Wars.

My class was so excited to learn that we were going to be in a short video. Apparently, I thought I'd rock my early 15 minutes of fame in a bucket hat. Not to mention some absolutely terrible bangs. At 2:56 in the video, you can hear me say that something I'm seeing on-screen looks like a pufferfish. Ah, fame.

Edutopia via YouTube
Edutopia via YouTube

Once a year or so I revisit the video. It's good for a chuckle and reflection. We're all 30 years old now many with kids of their own. One thing's for sure. As funny as it is to look back at the awkwardness, it's kind of cool to have even a little bit of footage of that time in my life.

Time sure does fly.

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