Michele, I love you dearly, and I know that the dishwasher was made expecting you to use its full range of features, but I beg you to ignore this one.

We've been in our current home for almost two years now and have had time to get used to the newer appliances than what we had in our apartment. Our house came with a range with a ceramic cooktop, a built-in microwave above it, and a more modern dishwasher than the portable one we had in Portland. We used to have to wheel that over to the sink and hook it up to the faucet. Our old ones got the job done, but these newer ones have a lot of convenient features we never had before.

The dishwasher for example has all sorts of presets for whatever level of cleanliness you need. It has a countdown timer letting you know how long it will be before it's done. It's also the quietest dishwasher I've ever had in my life.

There are a lot of features on the inside too, but there's one that Michele uses that absolutely drives me crazy.

The utensil basket has flip-down covers with slots that allow you to stack your silverware in it, holding them upright and separating them. This prevents things like spoons from nesting together and not coming clean.

Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons
Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons

When she started doing this, I looked in the manual to see if that's what you're supposed to with this cover. I thought it was just for putting small objects like cup lids in so they stay in place. The manual showed that she was using it correctly.

Dishwasher Utensils Manual

The problem I've found is they go in fine, but don't come out easily. They settle at angles, and rather than grab a handful of utensils, they have to be pulled out one at a time finding the perfect vertical angle to remove them. I'm all about time economy, and this feels like I'm picking raisins out of a cereal box one by one.

Is it just me? I'm not going to lie, I'm looking for some backup here, hoping I"m not the only one who thinks this feature is more annoying than it is valuable. Dishwashers were designed to make a time-consuming chore easy and convenient. This is a giant roadblock to that.

Who's with me?

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