A legend in Augusta is hanging up his radio microphone today. Jon James, morning host at our sister station 92 Moose is hosting his last morning show today after more than 25 years and we used to share our morning commute together back in the day. 

I remember listening to Jon back in his early days when I was 'between jobs' in radio. I had lost my first full time job at Fox 104.7 in Bangor in 1993 and was desperate to find a new one. I did what every young adult does when they lose their job. I moved home with mom.

While there I listened to every station within range of Norway to get job prospects and heard Jon on 92 Moose. I immediately thought, 'Wow, I wish I had a voice like his!' I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure I sent a demo tape and resume to the Moose but never got a call. Three years later I landed here at the Q.

I've only met Jon once or twice, but we actually shared our commute to work each morning by ham radio back when I lived in Lisbon. Ham radio is like a high powered CB that you actually need a license to use. We'd talk to each other on the way in to pass the time on our commutes in the wee hours of the morning until one of us got to their station first. It was usually Jon. I don't know if he drove fast or just had a shorter drive. We'd close out by telling each other to have a good show.

Jon is moving on to his other businesses, including his voice over work at TheVoiceGuy.net. You'll hear Jon occasionally on some national TV commercials. I seem to hear him all the time when watching The Price is Right.

If you happen to tune into Jon this morning to hear his last show, I won't hold it against you. 25+ years at one station pretty much makes you a legend, so it's kind of like watching Johnny Carson or David Letterman's last show. It's Maine history.

Congratulations Jon on your run at the Moose. As we'd say on ham radio...73's.