I don't ever remember being stung by a bee so I can't relate to the feeling. However I now know the feeling of seeing my 7-year-old son get his first sting and it broke my heart, especially because of where it was. A bee sting can be a scary thing for a kid. I guess it's even scary for some adults who are allergic like Meredith. My son Jake was in tears over his sting and mostly because it was right on his upper lip! Ouch!

I have a picture, but I won't show it to you here because his big concern was that people would laugh at him because of how he looked. That thing did swell up to about three times it's size, so I can understand that. I assured him his friends wouldn't laugh and of course when they saw him they didn't.

We got some ice, some ibuprofen and some itching cream to sooth the pain and irritation and after a few hours the swelling had gone down significantly, although it still looked liked someone punched him in the lip!

Some ice cream helped too. Two scoops of Moose Tracks and he was good to go. Crisis avoided.

Since it was my first dealings with bee stings, I of course looked up some treatments. Toothpaste??? Yep.

Take a look at these 11 ways to treat a bee sting and some of the remedies might surprise you.

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