Ladies and gentledudes, meet the bald-faced wasp, a bug that will terrify your living day dreams and sleeping nightmares. This bug will have you screaming and running for cover faster than a horror movie monster! These little terrors are wasps that I recently uncovered in Maine, and they are ruining your lives.

According to Pestco, the bald-faced wasp has a black body and white face. The face definitely says, "Don't mess with me." These wasps are bigger than your average bee, at around 1/2 to 3/4 inches long. These wasps were built to be noticed.

 The site says,

The smooth stingers on the bald-faced hornet have the capacity to sting repeatedly with no damage to the insect and much pain to the target.

Yikes! That's pretty intense.

This is a video of a bald face wasp nest attached to a propane tank. Take a look at how fast these suckers are swarming out!

Watch this brave YouTuber hold one of these terrifying wasps in his hand!

According to the site, these wasps are everywhere in Maine, from the deep woods to your own backyard. They build their nests hanging in trees, bushes, and under your roof. Their nests look like paper mache art projects gone wrong. By the end of summer, their nests can be as big as a basketball and filled with hundreds of angry wasps. Be careful.

Unlike bees, bald-faced wasps can sting you again and again and not die. They are like tiny, flying, pain-delivery systems. The sting they produce is wicked painful, but what is the most freaky thing about these wasps is that they can remember faces!

That means they will not forget you if you mess with them or get in their way, as per the site. 

The bald-faced wasp isn’t just another bug. It's the stuff of nightmares. Its aggressive nature and painful stings make it the most feared insect in Maine.

The next time you hear a buzzing sound, it could be these wicked wasps. So stay alert, and keep your distance!

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