Jake is 11-years-old now and he's growing up so fast I can hardly keep up with him.

He's a member of Lisbon's Cub Scout Pack 109 and like many Scouts all over the country, each year they compete in the Pinewood Derby. Kids build a car out of a block of wood, attach wheels, paint and decorate it. Then they race the cars down a long wooden track  to see who's is the fastest.

Pinewood Derby Track

It's a day-long event with lots of emotions as these kids watch to see if their car has what it takes to win. This year, Jake's car had it. He managed to win every heat and took first place in the 2018 Pack 109 Pinewood Derby. Needless to say, the kid is pretty excited.

Jake with Car

So now he moves on the divisionals in Maine to see if his car still has what it takes to win. The competition is bound to be fierce, but win or lose, he always has a great time racing.

Jake Trophy Photo

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