This year was my tenth year celebrating Father's Day and the best gift I got from my son didn't come in a package, neatly wrapped. In fact, he probably doesn't even realize he gave it to me.

Jake and I spent the weekend at Camp Gustin in Sabbatus with his Cub Scout Pack 109 of Lisbon at a camporee. It's a family weekend where we pitch tents, have cookouts and the boys develop valuable skills and life lessons.

At the beginning of the weekend, the United States Flag was raised and Jake was the lucky one to raise it up the flag staff.

Suzanne Miller

As the flag went up and I stood with hand on my heart, I had a smile as wide as can be seeing my son honoring his country. When the flag reached the top, one of the camporee organizers caught a great picture of him saluting with the Cub scout two finger salute.

Suzanne Miller

I absolutely love this picture.

Jake, you make me proud, and this moment was one of the best gifts any father could ask for on Father's Day.