Okay ladies...how much do you love the father of your children? Enough to try and start a weed wacker from Kennebec Equipment Rental? Can you Yank it to Win?


There's a lot on the line! On Friday June 14th, 3 women will be invited to the Q's deck to try and start a  Dolmar LT-27 weed wacker from Kennebec Equipment Rental! The one who can start it - wins it!

Kennebec Equipment Rental
Kennebec Equipment Rental

If you are into the specs of a weed wacker, I've got them. If not, let me just tell you that this sucker is powerful, starts easy (we'll see) is environmentally better and can cut down any ol' weed!


What do you need to do? You need to have about an hour of free time Friday June 14th (745-845am) and be willing to Yank it to Win!

Just tell us why... why do you want to Yank it to Win? Just how much trimming do you have?

But what if you don't yank it fast enough. No one walks away a loser thanks to Kennebec Equipment Rental. You'll walk away with restaurant certificates and a cool gift pack from KER (it's what all the cool kids call them)


*This contest is sponsored by Kennebec Equipment Rental.

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