What does Dad NOT want for Father's Day? Number One Answer Is....A Tie! According to a survey, also on the list of least desirable gifts for Dad are a gym membership, socks and underwear. Who of you out there are giving your dad underwear for Father's Day?! Boundaries people, boundaries.

When you come back from returning the clever socks that you bought him, memorize this list of stronger gift ideas before you strike out for round two of shopping for your Dad or your husband for Father's Day.

According to 1,000 Dads, they would prefer almost anything to a gym membership, but here are some prefered suggestions:

  • Tickets to a concert or sporting event
  • Beer
  • Power tools
  • Barbecue gear
  • iPad
  • A trip
  • Believe it or not, a watch is still desirable!

With so many amazing shows coming this summer, I say pony up for a couple tickets and toss in a tour shirt!

Are you a Dad? What do you want, or don't want for Father's Day? Comment on our Facebook page or tweet #crapnotanothertie

My gift to my Dad is the knowledge that he helped raise an independent, happy person. That and some Gritty's beer.


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