Father's Day

Jeff's Proud Father Moment
This year was my tenth year celebrating Father's Day and the best gift I got from my son didn't come in a package, neatly wrapped. In fact, he probably doesn't even realize he gave it to me.
Don't Buy These For Dad
What does Dad NOT want for Father's Day? Number One Answer Is....A Tie! According to a survey, also on the list of least desirable gifts for Dad are a gym membership, socks and underwear. Who of you out there are giving your dad underwear for Father's Day...
Local Boy Writes About Dad
Evan wrote about his dad for school.  You know...what he cooks the best, what he says, what he does. But my favorite is what Evan thinks his dad's favorite restaurant is.
Straight from the Heart
My kid knows me pretty well. I got the best Father's Day gifts from my seven-year-old son Jake, and they made my day even if his homemade card wasn't completely accurate.