The future has arrived in Maine in the form of unidentified roving objects. Well, maybe not unidentified.

These killer kiwibots have taken the Southern Maine Community College campus by storm. These little guys are not here to enslave the college's student body...yet. They are actually going to bring a very convenient service to the community college.

According to the school, kiwibots will be delivering food to students this semester. All a student has to do is download an app and order from one of the food service facilities on campus. The robot will then pick up the grub, rove right over to the student's residence, and kill hand the kid the order.

This simple and inexpensive service allows students to stay focused on partying studying, while the food comes to them, opposed to the other way around.

The murderbot kiwibot service can already be found on more than 50 campuses nationwide. This reportedly includes the University of Southern Maine. It seems like a perfect fit for the tech company to really perfect its robots, considering college kids are always hungry and love to get delivery food.

Southern Maine Community College is very excited to have kiwibot come to its campus. Ultimately, this will be much more than just about food. "According to the school "the kiwibot family is excited to partner with SMCC and to help students get closer to the world of technology, robotics, and entrepreneurship."

Let's just hope these little robots don't watch The Terminator.

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