It's long been a hot topic around Portland about how condos are popping up everywhere making it increasingly difficult for the lower and middle class to find reasonably priced housing and thus allowing for an increased population of "out of staters" moving here full-time or seasonally. Some think this is great, others, not so much.

The condos that pop up always have cutesy Portland related names. User Cosakita on Reddit decided to have a little fun by creating the 'Name Your Portland Condo Development' generator.

I'm excited to announce, with my birthday being in April that my condo will be The Baxter at Bayside. Which, I feel like is where the rich college kids will live and they'll be rivals to the students living at Bayside Village.

Name your Portland condo development from r/portlandme

Looking through the list one thing's for sure, I'll never be able to afford The Oceanview at The Promenade or The Lofts at The Wharf. Even The Dirigo at Munjoy would be a stretch.

So what's the name of your Portland Condo Development? Let us know below via the app!

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