If you've grown up anywhere in New England, you've probably used some stereotypes when describing neighboring states, cities, or towns that make up the northeast. You may even have stereotypes right in your own state.

I stumbled across this map on Reddit created by u/q1s2e3 that humorously points out the things we all think about New England locations. You won't find this on any Google Map, and definitely not on an old-school Maine Atlas and Gazetteer.

This map doesn't have roads with route labels. These are labels of territories and what you'll find in those different areas of New England, though not all of these labels are entirely accurate, in my opinion.

For example. Boston. The Center of the Universe? Clearly, this was made by a Masshole who happens to vacation in Kennebunkport, which is also noted on the map.

The creator nailed New Hampshire right on the head: "Cheap booze and fireworks." Since this map was created, Maine now also sells fireworks, but cheap, tax-free booze? Not so much.

Vermont is also accurate. "Maple syrup, superior to Canada, hippie college students and Bernie Sanders."

Now, if you want to get a little more local to Maine, there's a map for that too, though it doesn't use the term "stereotypical", as you'll see below.

This one is pretty funny, and is like a giant roast of towns all throughout Maine. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Bangor: Thinks its a city
  • Waterville: Bowdoin rejects
  • Augusta: Just dull
  • Brunswick: Snobs
  • Portland: Discount Portland, Oregon

Now, don't take any of these stereotypical maps too personally if your town or city is called out. It's all in good fun, even if it might be true.

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