Derry the English Setter may be creeping up on her senior years at 10-years old, but she's got plenty of energy to be your running partner. 

This sweet girl is looking for a forever home that will give her the time and space to run. She would make a great buddy for those running adventures and will snuggle you up as you rest your tired legs on the couch. Dogs New Digs Dogs New Digs

You should know a few things about Derry. She attaches to her humans and would prefer they'd stick with her as much as possible during the day. When she gets nervous without her human companions, she moves their shoes around the house to keep their scent close by.

Derry's rescue organization Old Dogs New Digs says, "Preferred home: In a country setting where she’d have some safe running room – might be very good with older children to run and play with – or with a family that has active runners – she would love to be a running companion!" Dogs New Digs Dogs New Digs

Derry also requires a hormone treatment to manager her thyroid, but other than that, she's happy and healthy.

Can you give Derry a home with everything she needs?

Meet adoptable dogs at Hops & Hounds on June 17, our dog and family friendly day of fun at Raitt Farm in Eliot, Maine. Dogs New Digs Dogs New Digs

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