For several years, Harvest Hills Animal Shelter has held an annual sleepover on Christmas Eve to raise awareness and funds for the work they do at the shelter. The shelter owner will sleep overnight with the homeless dogs and cats and wake up on Christmas morning alongside the animals looking for forever homes. The money raised during the Christmas Eve sleepover funds special improvements at the shelter that support the health and happiness of it's animals.

In years past the fundraiser supported the construction of a "living room" where dogs who felt stressed in a traditional shelter setting could experience a soft, comfy couch and relax with a shelter staff.

This year one of the improvements Harvest Hills hopes to make with the fundraiser proceeds is installing a sound system in the kennels, as numerous studies have shown that certain types of music reduces stress in dogs. Several other improvements are planned. The shelter hopes to raise $20,000 with this year's event.

If you can't adopt an animal, you can still support the homeless dogs and cats while they spend their time at Harvest Hills Animal Shelter.

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