The Desert of what…?

Yes, Maine.

Although, as Jeff recently mentioned in an article about their upcoming mini-golf course, our state’s desert isn’t actually technically a desert; It’s glacial sand that deposited in Freeport during the Ice Age thousands of years ago.

Before I get to the good stuff I need to catch the folks up who may not be familiar with our state’s “desert”.

The Desert of Maine is a tourist attraction in Freeport with 40-acres of glacial sand dunes surrounded by forest and pines. Since it’s in Maine, it gets way too much precipitation to be considered a desert.

So, we use it as a tourist spot with a great campground and activities for all ages.

They’re stepping their game up in 2022 with the golf course Jeff told you about but also these incredible A-frame cabins that give you the feeling like you’re sleeping outside.

The tourist attraction posted on Facebook recently to get the public excited for the upcoming camping season. They reopen in 2022 and the luxury cabins will be available as soon as they are ready for action.

What’s special about the cabins is the giant glass window that is floor to ceiling so you can feel like you’re sleeping outside in the woods. There will be three small cabins with access to a bath house and three medium cabins with their own sink and toilet inside.

Freeport’s newest lodging options will be under construction this winter and spring and the doors will open as soon as they’re complete.

To get an idea of what the cabins will be like, here is a video that shows the design of the small cabin and give you a sense of what’s to come:

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