It might still be early in the new year, but the Bangor Police Department may have already won the internet in 2022.

Up to their old tricks again, the Bangor Police Department is hamming it up on Facebook. The context this time around is the latest winter storm to pound Maine. Bangor PD's own Lieutenant (and noted author) Tim Cotton decided to post an informational message to the masses. You can see it below.

There's a lot to unpack here. First off, it's down right hilarious. Lt. Cotton clearly is a wordsmith. Also, it's a tremendous way to get people to pay attention to a public service announcement. A heck of a lot more effective than your standard, boring, technical jargon that puts people to sleep. The Bangor PD should be commended for these efforts.

Now, onto this incredible post.

As hilarious and fun as this is, the Lieutenant makes some very informative and important points. We will start from the stop.

1. "Find a pair of gloves" - Clearly a no-brainer. Lt. Cotton is just making sure you are all paying attention. I also like that he adds "Who cares if adults laugh at you". That is a great point. Who cares how you look...especially in the winter in Maine. Just stay warm.

2. "If you have a generator, grab a few gallons of gas" - This is very helpful advice that I need to actually do. He also mentions that gas can get old, so even if you do have some its still best to freshen up. Another very helpful tip for all small engines. But, even more helpful is his take on the total scam that is Sea Monkeys. Clearly, this is the most important part of the post. Buyer Beware is right.

3. "Find the shovel and lash it to the porch rail" - It's like Lt. Cotton came to my house and saw everything I have not done to prepare for a winter storm (however, I did not buy sea monkeys). Instead of following this sound advice, I spent about five minutes chasing a shovel in horizontal sleet this morning. I guess I need to drive up to Ellsworth and find a bungee on the side of the road.

4. "Check on your neighbors" - All jokes aside, I must thank Lt. Cotton for including this. We love our neighbors in Maine. It's always important to know as much about their well-being as possible, especially if they're elderly. Lt. Cotton says it best, "Be a decent human, it costs nothing."

5. Be careful on the roads - Now we have gotten to the finale, which is just simply common sense. The last thing you want is to end up in a ditch somewhere, with a friend sending you my rules of winter driving. And, with weather conditions changing rapidly, it's even more important to respect the road.

This is another wonderful, yet very informative post from Lt. Cotton and the Bangor Police Department. They continue to embrace new media and find ways to interact with the community for the better. This type of interaction is a great example of the forward-thinking leadership that the Bangor community should be very proud of.

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