Joe's Playland is an arcade that has been in business in Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts since 1919. Over the years they've changed with the times, starting out as a popcorn stand until moving to their present location as an arcade in 1952.

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The games have changed over the years too, from pinball and bowlers to video games and today, redemption games. These are the go-to games for arcades in the 21st century because kids and adults alike love the idea of playing games and winning tickets that you can redeem for prizes. Typically they're small prizes like candy, pencils and small toys. The lure though is what sits on the back wall. The big-ticket items.

This is where you see things like headphones, cell phones, video games, even TVs. They're there for the taking if you have enough tickets, but they seem like they are unobtainium. The Holy Grails of ticket redemption prizes.

On couple from Tweksberry, Massachusetts managed to score the ultimate prize when they snagged a Samsung 55" Class TU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV. At retail, this bad boy goes dor $549.99, but Nick and Jenn got it just by redeeming their Joe's Playland tickets.

I know you have questions, just like I did when I saw this post on Joe's Playland's Facebook page. I had two specifically. One, how many tickets did they have to redeem to get the TV? And two, did they spend more than the cost of the TV to earn the tickets?

I don't know the answer to how much money that had to spend playing games to earn enough tickets to win the TV, but Nick did answer the question in the comments about how many tickets it took win it. Are you sitting down?

130,000 tickets.

That number is mind-boggling.

It got me thinking though. What's the easiest and quickest way to get 130,000 tickets? My guess would be Skee-Ball, because it's a true skill game, unlike other games that are nearly impossible to win until the machine is ready to pay out like a slot machine. And the payouts for Skee-Ball are consistent. You always know what you'll get if you can consistently hit that 50 or 100 point hole.

Congratulations to Nick and Jenn on their big score! Enjoy your new TV.

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